Snowboarding in Corfu - an epic ending of 2014

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     It was years that passed and we didn't had the chance of snowboarding in our home-island since we started riding. Right before the last day of the year we were getting mad about checking the weather and looking up the sky to see the cloud coming... Since it was small and lasted only a few hours, it worked perfectly by setting the "white-sheets" around the area of Mt. Padokratoras 914m.
     Early in the morning we packed the car, made a check with the binoculars and started the adventure!It was on!! On the way up you could notice the weird faces and reactions of people with ease. We weren't sure what we would find but drove up there motivated and prepared with all our gear ready.
    After a few turns and explorations we found out the snow was pretty enough for some warm-up jibs,jumps, snow-lessons and long car-tow-rides!! Knocking ourselves out all day to an extreme level of fun in snow was the best way to end the year.
   After snowboarding all-year-round in a DIY dryslope in the island, this became another achievement for our team. Snowboard pioneers in Corfu!Yeah!! The snow lasted more than four days, so we decided to start the new year the same way epically as well !!

Awesome New Year

Alex Johny Pappas, George Priftis, Thomas Alexis,Marina Badiou, Katerina Prifti, Badios
Check out the juicy details...

pics by Johny and the rest
video by SB
team pic with the "lil'eiffel" up there

random mix madness

G. Priftis in a nice pop

SB in a Party-Method

girls playing in the street
Car tow-rides and freestyle snowboard lessons
  fifty in Strinilas
 fifty on the road
getting some air in the village

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Waterfalls Adventure Spa Corfu - Daily dose of adrenaline

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Our forest-walk turned out to be just a little more adventurous than planed. Kiprianades waterfalls in Northern Corfu work as a pretty cool spa in winter.
SB, Johny,Priftis,Orestis,Thomas

Manic Side Webisode 2 Season 4

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Webisode II Season IV

"Not much for a description, just a question... Do you actually go for it when it comes to the things you love or you prefer setting barriers such as not enough snow, can't do it alone, too young,too old,what-if and stuff ?"


Directed,Filmed & Edited by Spiros Badios

Night session-Alikes Skatepark 15-11-14

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A few tricks from Fotis K. Didinos and Badios at Alikes Skatepark in Corfu.

The thing about Greece... A snowboard documentary

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We Love the Greek Mountains. Plain and Simple! Now it's time to show the world. We've got snowboarders, souvlakia, funky old villages and a bunch of snow-capped mountains. Help us fund one of the most unique sport documentaries to come out of this tiny country on the Med. Visit our Indiegogo campaign and choose your perk.

Webisode I Season IV

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"We actually went snowboarding on the 26th of October!! If that's not just great wait till i tell you that the lifts were working and most of our friends were there! Three days of superfun playing around with jumps,rocks and trees, we also managed to get lost in the forest at night..." SB

Birthday Party

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Marina's 23rd birthday party at our skatepark

Birthday Party from Manic Side on Vimeo.

Freeboard Ymittos Dora Giannopoulou Manic Side

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Mountain Ymittos 1,026m, besides a getaway to nature this place offers many options for action sports athletes, one of them is freeboard. Our freeboarding-Maniac Dora Giannopoulou enjoys one of her favorite local places in Athens to ride